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1 guuchan Oct-19-2009 15:51:05 <handsomesauva> chen, are you from yurop?
3 guuchan Oct-23-2009 23:30:46 <Eientewi> i 66c like there's no tommorow <lurkws> youre not me <lurkws> stop trying
4 xxsaznpride Oct-27-2009 05:20:11 [04:18] <Giantree> The biggest concentrations of good players are wc and ec because obviously, CALIFORNIA and NEW YORK CITY, biggest cities in the country
8 SakurazakiSetsuna Oct-31-2009 00:56:30 [21:26] <%Magister> There was this girl that liked to watch our sf4 just play [21:26] <%Magister> and I hit on her one day [21:26] <%Magister> and told her I could stretch just like Dhalsim
9 odaril Nov-02-2009 10:20:33 <MariahCarey> wow my 1st time to see Remilia's grab move lyk she's sucking blood outta enemy
10 guuchan Nov-04-2009 12:21:47 <@ZomB> IN CONCLUSION <@ZomB> Icekin, Giantree: you are faggots
11 Giantree Nov-04-2009 14:32:33 [15:30] <+Remilia-Scarlet> >furfag [15:31] <+Remilia-Scarlet> >my wife is an umbrella
18 xxsaznpride Nov-07-2009 02:45:54 [01:39] <Malty> cat and fucking mouse this game is fucking stupid
22 zombsleep Nov-09-2009 14:50:10 [16:48] <@zombsleep> magister just called me on the phone [16:48] <@zombsleep> he said stop highlighting me on accident [16:49] <Magister> stop highlighting me on accident
23 YuyukoSaigyouji Nov-09-2009 18:20:03 <Giantree> Give a nickname to the captured CUtsuho? <Giantree> bob51 was transferred to ZUN'S PC. -->| bob51 ( has joined #hisouten
24 Remilia-Scarlet Nov-10-2009 02:21:22 <%Remi> damaged goods is a Japanese term
26 ZomB Nov-10-2009 12:34:59 [20:30:21] <+Remilia-Scarlet> I'm bored [20:30:29] <+Remilia-Scarlet> what time do the actual players show up [20:30:34] * EvangelineAKMcDowell (~teorima10@C23631EE.57CF7522.6B8D1238.IP) has joined #hisouten
32 xxsaznpride Nov-13-2009 00:49:54 [23:48] * megapp is now known as asdf <+asdf> dam, I feel stronger already
42 xxsaznpride Nov-18-2009 12:15:13 [11:14] <Aqo> ...2 saved reps of Shy to fap to
43 Dreadchain Nov-18-2009 14:52:08 [23:51:09] <%Jetm> I am a huge faggot please rape my face.
44 Giantree Nov-18-2009 15:14:33 [17:13] <+LTalon> If I knew how to quote, I'd quote myself
45 Sylian Nov-18-2009 22:56:56 [00:56] <AlexKT> Maybe mizuumi has my zip code blacklisted
46 Giantree Nov-20-2009 03:30:43 [04:29] <Giantree> yeah, magister just called me on the phone btw[04:29] <@ZomBsleep> yeah he says to hurry my ass up [04:29] <@ZomBsleep> he's tired of waiting
49 YuyukoSaigyouji Nov-20-2009 16:21:07 [17:16] <+Streamline> i fap to loli's as well i used to be ashamed [17:17] <+Streamline> but then i came here [17:17] <%megamanac> he came everywhere
50 MusashiKagehide Nov-22-2009 14:23:48 <+Dreadchain> asking not to get insulted is like asking a cruise missile to kindly turn around
52 Giantree Nov-22-2009 15:20:29 [16:18] <@xxsaznpride> tabbi: play me [16:18] <@xxsaznpride> [16:18] <+Giantree> no play me [16:18] <+Giantree> [16:18] <tabbi> i'll go with giantree
53 xxsaznpride Nov-23-2009 02:21:04 [01:19] <@xxsaznpride> if i were rich enough i'd fly remi out there and buy us all strippers <%Remi> what's strippers <%Remi> some clothing?
57 xxsaznpride Nov-23-2009 13:09:58 [12:09] <%Remi> crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrawling in my Icekin
59 raymooplc Nov-23-2009 21:17:42 <beatsstayflowin> Magi called me on the phone. He said I could take the loli while he macked on her older sister.
60 Giantree Nov-24-2009 16:20:50 [17:20] <+raymoozbit> yo dawg, i heard you need to buy this so i put a store in your store so you can buy while you buy
62 Remi Nov-28-2009 12:12:51 <+Aqo> I googled "play bullshit online" and got a redirect to EVE
65 Giantree Nov-28-2009 19:43:11 <+Giantree> also I love how Rance got me saying "hyper weapon" <+Giantree> instead of "penis" <+Giantree> or "cock" <+Giantree> or "dick" <+Giantree> or "wang" <+raymoomineko> or "giantree"
67 Giantree Nov-30-2009 17:23:21 [18:22] <%Icekin> >giantree sangbagging bob [18:22] <%Icekin> Today is a good day [18:22] <+bob51> >sang [18:22] <+bob51> >g [18:22] <+bob51> sup forest boy [18:22] <+bob51> In the city we say "sand"
68 Giantree Nov-30-2009 17:49:50 [18:48] <+Giantree> Bakemonogatari? More like Badmonogatari [18:48] <+bob51> 0/10 faggot [18:48] <+bob51> HURR REPLACE 11 WORD BY AMERICA NO JIN WORD ^-^
72 Giantree Dec-01-2009 00:06:23 [01:02] <+Remilia-Scarlet> then after if you want [01:02] <+Remilia-Scarlet> we can wed you and Magister [01:02] <+Giantree> have a hot steamy aff-- oh okay [01:02] <@xxsaznpride> oh god [01:02] <@xxsaznpride> nuru nuru babies that read books and bitch about them in entire paragraphs
73 guuchan Dec-01-2009 01:30:59 <@xxsaznpride> .kb giantree xxsaznpride shy Remilia-Scarlet ChefMKT * hisouten sets mode: +b *!* * Giantree was kicked by hisouten (xxsaznpride shy Remilia-Scarlet ChefMKT (xxsaznpride))
74 xxsaznpride Dec-01-2009 03:26:35 [02:25] <+Kageneko_Alfa> lol the rubber broke again
75 Dreadchain Dec-05-2009 18:26:11 [03:25:55] <+JAGpnzr> I dunno, I always pictured Shy as being an 11 year old schoolgirl for some reason...
76 xxsaznpride Dec-08-2009 08:43:11 [07:41] <+vigaristAA12> People on brazil....have an shitty english
78 Remi Dec-16-2009 12:45:04 <[Moth]> Playin' Megaman Battle Network 1 <[Moth]> Soooooooo nostalgic <[Moth]> I played this when I was like 20
88 Giantnevergoingtosleep Dec-23-2009 01:43:23 [02:40] <+_cranbunnyjuice> I got invited to the Saggy **** party [02:41] <+_cranbunnyjuice> Not sure what those asterisks can be.
89 odaril Dec-24-2009 03:47:16 <+Dimglow> Suwako should be euthanized at how bad she is
90 Xmastree Dec-25-2009 21:23:05 [22:21] <+[Moth]> I thought all games were made in Japan
92 Giantree Dec-28-2009 04:28:18 [05:28] <%Remi> np: Rizouten - 05. The Giantree Remilia-Scarlet Hated ['Phantasmagoria of Weeaboo Dream']
93 Giantree Dec-28-2009 05:55:17 [06:53] <%Remi> you know that you're in the 21st century when a shrine in the mountains has 100Mbps internet access and wifi hotspots
98 Reisen_Udongein_Inaba Jan-02-2010 03:34:10 <@xxsaznpride> I had a dream where I was grabbing a girl's breasts... I woke up and realized I was grabbing my own ass.
100 Streamline Jan-05-2010 20:32:40 beatsstayflowin: goddamn, hisouten cybersex is the best, it's like I fapped and went to bed, only to find my bed replaced by a hungry wolf and I'm too tired from fapping to run away
101 xxsaznpride Jan-05-2010 20:39:58 [19:31] <%beatsstayflowin> it was wonderous... and then he stuck his dick into mine... only to discover than I didn't have a mouth... for I was actually a talking couch
102 Giantree Jan-07-2010 18:32:45 [19:30] <_cranbunnyjuice> How do I patch? ;_; [19:30] <Dimglow> Press 5C 421B [19:30] <Dimglow> Pro Patch
105 guuchan Jan-22-2010 15:02:56 <+andy> how do i get out of cornerrape like that << <ZZR> Border escape <+Zai> you cite the corner assault rule
113 xxsaznpride Jan-28-2010 17:38:20 [16:36] <SuwakoMoriya> .quote random [Quote] <+Dimglow> Suwako should be euthanized at how bad she is
114 Giantree Jan-28-2010 23:23:17 [00:22] <Lailide> runescape was a good idea to make 40 yaer old low lives go to the public library and shout shit like haah owned
115 xxsaznpride Jan-28-2010 23:29:54 [22:29] <%megamanac> I just knocked myself out cold by smashing my head against the wall <+Giantree> That's what you get for using MPP in a small room.
116 Giantree Jan-28-2010 23:51:50 [00:51] <Lailide> kimi ni todoke sucks [00:51] <+Sylian> lail [00:51] <+Sylian> what do you like? [00:51] <Lailide> kimi ni todoke
117 Giantrout Jan-30-2010 04:25:59 [05:25] * @xxsaznpride slaps Giantrout with a bit of large tree.
119 Moth Jan-31-2010 02:06:46 [04:02] <laitcl> i really want to know how to use patch [04:03] <+Giantree> You just need to run the .exe in the folder and it'll do the rest itself.
125 Giantree Feb-03-2010 22:05:05 [00:00] <Tetratricopeptide> alright Beats [00:00] * beats ( has joined #hisouten [00:00] <Tetratricopeptide> get out of sylian's account [00:00] <Tetratricopeptide> you box of libido
131 danceintheraymoobund Feb-08-2010 21:08:18 [21:06:50] <@xxsaznpride> Tree [21:06:53] <@xxsaznpride> Look at the top hop. [21:06:58] <+Giantree> ... [21:07:00] * Parts: +Giantree (
132 Remi Feb-09-2010 08:08:38 <+FireballFlame> i am shielding my walking dolls with my body <%abba> i don't think that's what they meant when they said bullet cover
134 Remi Feb-10-2010 14:24:50 <+abba> in case anyone didn't see the ip in the sea of walrus diahrrea <+abba> <+SuwakoMoriya> BRO YOUR IP DOES NOT WORK <KOTY> LEARN TO HOST FAGGOT <KOTY> THAT SHIT DIDNT WORK HALF AN HOUR AGO AND IT DOESNT WORK NOW
136 Giantree Feb-10-2010 18:20:02 <+raymooplc> why does firepunch suck now <+abba> someone can do a dial a, fly back to the hakurei shrine <+abba> leave a donation <+abba> pick mushrooms with marisa in the forest <+abba> than come back in time to block before the punch hits
143 xxsaznpride Feb-13-2010 03:12:33 <bob51> Tree, wanna get klined? <+Giantree> Bob <bob51> Tree <+Giantree> Bob <bob51> Tree<+Giantree> Bob <bob51> Tree<+Giantree> Bob * +Giantree ( Quit (Connection closed)
145 Purplex Feb-14-2010 18:42:27 [20:41] <+SuwakoMoriya> I dont win by being silly.
146 JAGpnzr Feb-14-2010 19:38:16 "<+LegendofGiantree> You could be the love-child of Shy and Magister raised in the married household of ZomB and Dimglow for all we care, but nobody wants to hear you bragging about it."
147 xxsaznpride Feb-14-2010 21:16:55 <@hisouten> me > all of you
150 megamanac Feb-16-2010 23:06:16 <xxsaznpride> Magister just called me on Skype <xxsaznpride> he asked for your measurements.
152 odaril Feb-18-2010 08:08:03 <+psy_wombats> Wow, my Remi sucks... <+abba> well she is a vampire
156 xxsaznpride Feb-21-2010 01:26:07 <SDD> why was jtg banned * JTG (~JayTheGre@jackie.chan.fanclub) has joined #hisouten <+JTG> sup guys
157 Giantree Feb-21-2010 07:58:38 [08:49] <%Minami> bob-oniichan didn't 'originate from', he created the universe as we know it! [08:49] <+JAGpnzr> I don't think I could take a creator god named "Bob" seriously... [08:50] <%Minami> JAGpnzr, are you implying that you can take this universe seriously?
158 Giantree Feb-21-2010 08:24:23 * YuyukoSaigyouji eats Dreadchain's connection * YuyukoSaigyouji ( Quit (Quit: Banette Boo Drifblim Drifloon Dusclops Dusknoir Duskull Froslass Gastly Gengar Giratina Haunter Kana Layla Lunasa Lyrica Merlin Mima Misdreavus Mismagius ) <+Gobolt> ... More like ate his own connection herpder
161 Satorin Feb-22-2010 15:41:08 <%Shy> ( `-` ) I get this feeling that once Suwako's tree becomes a bullet, Imluc is royally screwed
162 xxsaznpride Feb-23-2010 11:27:41 <@Shy> ( '<' ) As much as I play, and yes I may come off as arrogant but I don't rub my "Greatness" in their faces <%xxsaznpride> People ask you to rub your "greatness" on their faces, Shy. <%xxsaznpride> And by greatness... we all know I mean your- <%_cranbunny> 8=====( 'v' ) <%_cranbunny> I bet it really looks like that too
164 megamanac Feb-26-2010 09:08:09 [10:49] <Icekin> all in favor of secretly banning imluc while he's gone type anything in the next 10 hours. [10:49] *** SuwakoMoriya joined #hisouten
167 xxsaznpride Mar-05-2010 19:23:20 18:22] <%Purplex> What's umad? <%raymooplc> u mad <%Purplex> ...oh. <%Purplex> Lol. <%raymooplc> lol
169 xxsaznpride Mar-06-2010 16:51:21 <Magister> That's probably why I'm into asian girls <Magister> because I'd break them
170 obliterhikaru Mar-06-2010 17:14:49 <Magister> Though I wore panties recently <Magister> The contricting feeling around my penis <Magister> was kinda stimulating
171 raymooplc Mar-06-2010 17:33:20 [17:31:13] <+ChefMKT> I already have my bachelor [17:31:17] <+raymooplc> oh damn [17:31:18] <+raymooplc> chef is old [17:31:19] <@beatsstayflowin> omg chef is an old man [17:31:25] <+raymooplc> oldmind [17:31:26] <@beatsstayflowin> oldmind
172 xxsaznpride Mar-11-2010 21:18:28 <bob51> I walk in and you turned touhou into futa faster than I can come, and I'm a quick shooter.
174 raymooplc Mar-14-2010 03:37:20 <%raymooplc> momiji means maple leaf right? <%raymooplc> why am i asking this japanese illiterate channel <+Viita> Ossharu that to ore no face fucker, online janai and mite what happens
175 M-Kaibigan Mar-14-2010 11:02:20 [16:53] <+Hatate> Hm. That's the least number of ops and hops I've seen in here. [16:53] <+Cheezy> yeah this is your chance to post cp
176 M-Kaibigan Mar-18-2010 15:18:34 [21:16] <%ridemooPASSlc> hi-chan go away [21:16] * Hi-C ( Quit [21:17] * xxsaznpride ( has joined #hisouten [21:17] <%ridemooPASSlc> damn [21:17] <%ridemooPASSlc> we traded hi-chan for this shit?
177 _cranbunny Mar-19-2010 21:41:42 [23:36] <beatsstayflowin> wait... you can kill a fetus by simply sitting on a broom with some juice on it?
179 M-Kaibigan Mar-28-2010 12:54:53 [14:21] <+M-Kaibigan> Wait. [14:22] <+M-Kaibigan> My keyboard changed regions... [14:22] <+Qwertipman> Well duh [14:22] <+Qwertipman> You're playing with CHINA
181 guuchan Apr-05-2010 23:44:10 <beats> and that's where the MINDGAMES begin <@guuchan> lol indeed <@guuchan> i tried to pin him down while he tried to push me into corner <+Arche> I thought you were playing a match, not making bl doujin
183 raymooplc Apr-23-2010 00:07:23 [23:06:19] <@guuchan> we hearby enforce no-turning-off-spec rule here
186 xxsaznpride Apr-28-2010 16:41:50 <@guuchan> bob, mash harder
187 raymooplc Apr-30-2010 21:44:57 <@xxsaznpride> i beat magister 1v1 <%raymooplc> i beat mag too <beats> I beat magi, and then we both came
188 raymooplc May-08-2010 10:03:51 [08:58:43] <+Sitha> So, I was walking down the street today and it was sunny, then it started raining and the first thing I did was check around to see that there was no one about to GC me
189 xxsaznpride May-09-2010 01:57:27 <@xxsaznpride> youre not supposed to laugh, faggot <bob51> I still lol'd out loud. <bob51> ..... <bob51> > lol'd out loud.
191 raymooplc May-11-2010 03:43:34 [02:41:12] <+laitcl> eyeshield 21 dubbed in chinese; akward [02:41:59] <+www> ni hao ma, give footbarr, i weeen!
192 raymooplc May-11-2010 03:51:06 [02:47:42] <%raymooplc> <Ziph> They have been working on Starcraft 2 for over 7years now [02:47:47] <%raymooplc> this guy is retarded [02:47:48] <+laitcl> god i lost my sense of humor [02:47:51] <+laitcl> i could hardly laugh [02:47:55] <+laitcl> haha moo
194 raymooplc May-11-2010 03:54:39 <+ChefMKT> YOU CAN SWITCH CHANNELS USING CTRL+N <%raymooplc> you can also do it with ctrl w * Parts: +www (~lolipoop@D2A701A9.EF5B97E0.88E26AFE.IP) * Joins: www (~lolipoop@D2A701A9.EF5B97E0.88E26AFE.IP)<+www> ctrl w exits out of tab for me lol <+www> ;_;
195 Judex May-11-2010 20:51:37 [21:50:48] <+BunnyTrixST> did i hear something about cum odors
196 andy May-20-2010 11:12:00 [10:11] <+andy> if you type /server laitcl -- you can even ban him [10:11] * %raymooplc (~moo@F3EFBECB.CFA22C89.84255EDA.IP) Quit
197 raymooplc May-23-2010 12:53:53 [11:51:58] <@hisouten> Player Orgyilkos is hosting at (HU) [11:52:31] <Raikujo> May I join you Hisouten?
199 bob51 May-30-2010 19:02:05 [21:01] <%raymooplc> fuck you bob <%raymooplc> my ass is hella tight
201 Chirnobyl Jun-24-2010 20:36:06 [22:32] <+Bunnyyy> You know[22:32] <+Bunnyyy> Sanae has really big breasts.[22:32] <Cappy> damn[22:32] <Cappy> she got big tittays[22:32] * Joins: beatsstayflowin (
202 onlinehotgirl Jul-12-2010 23:30:26 <@Viita> !rank add Senovit US_Midwest <@hisouten> US_Midwest added to ranking page.
203 Chirnobyl Jul-18-2010 00:40:19 [02:35] <+Remilia-Scarlet> who [02:35] <%Hakurei_Reimu> your favorite person in the world [02:35] <+Remilia-Scarlet> who [02:35] <%Hakurei_Reimu> short vers of your name [02:36] <+Remilia-Scarlet> R-S [02:36] <%Hakurei_Reimu> longer [02:36] <+Remilia-Scarlet> R--S
205 xxsaznpride Jul-20-2010 06:33:54 <xxsaznpride> kono kodomo no mondai ha.<Giantree> ^ <Jamess> mondai = monday?
206 bob51 Jul-24-2010 02:26:21 <bob51> > nanoha movie * Starlight_Breaker (~chatzilla@Rizon-A212829F.superkabe
207 Sodeki Jul-24-2010 16:14:59 [00:05] <Qwertipman> Saying your newb is like saying Shy plays seriously
208 Sodeki Jul-24-2010 16:17:27 [00:15] <+Senex> I wonder if "abusing" quote commands is spamming ".quote random" while giggling incessantly
209 Sodeki Jul-24-2010 17:09:00 [00:34] <+Senex> Don't delete quotes
212 beatsstayflowin Jul-28-2010 23:46:26 <+Everspace_> Ugg, my throat hurts from drawing T_T <@xxsaznpride> What. <@xxsaznpride> Were you drawing with a cock in your mouth?
213 megamanac Jul-30-2010 03:09:58 <Bunnyyy>: (?'v')? <Remilia-Scarlet>: no one is gonna pick you up <Remilia-Scarlet>: just sit there grinning ok <Bunnyyy>: (????)? <Remilia-Scarlet>: shit
214 Aristocrat Jul-31-2010 11:10:20 [13:08] <%Remi> he told me that 3 is 2+6 [13:08] <%Remi> and this shit is actually true [13:09] <%Remi> it IS 2+6 [13:09] <%Remi> it all makes sense now that 3 is 2+6
217 Aristocrat Aug-02-2010 06:44:24 [08:18] <Oddness> Coll stick, but why so huge? [08:18] <%Gobolt> Hell if I know why it's so huge. [08:19] <%Gobolt> And 'longer' is also a type of bigger. [08:20] <+Schneedrache> man i'm trying to think of a way to type "nice looking stick" without sounding gay, it's pretty hard....son of a... [08:21] <Oddness> Your stick is so
218 Aristocrat Aug-02-2010 12:13:05 [14:10] <+SuwakoMoriya> Cant stop me from voicing my opinion [14:11] <@xxsaznpride> .k SuwakoMoriya yes i can [14:11] == SuwakoMoriya was kicked from #hisouten by hisouten [yes i can (xxsaznpride)] [14:11] <@xxsaznpride> GUFFAY GUFFAY POWER ABUSE
220 beatsstayflowin Aug-05-2010 23:45:40 <+sibladeko> magister said i just want to rub my dick in his face <+sibladeko> he may be right
221 Everspace Aug-06-2010 15:23:03 <FoxHunter> Anyone give me a teat connection?
222 laitcl Aug-07-2010 18:42:32 <@Viita> !rank add US_East Freudia <@hisouten> Player not found.
223 Hakurei_Reimu Aug-10-2010 06:24:51 [05:24:05] <+Cheffykins> Bait that shit [05:24:11] <%Hakurei_Reimu> i bait you [05:24:17] <+Cheffykins> I'm the master baiter
224 Remi Aug-10-2010 15:08:12 <+Schneedrache> EU Only <%Remi> Schneedrache: you'll get Adviceowl <+Schneedrache> T_T <+Schneedrache> fk <+Schneedrache> got adviceowl
225 Sodachu Aug-11-2010 05:05:20 [13:02] <+Ayahuasca> hosting from eastern US, shit tier
227 laitcl Aug-11-2010 05:14:51 <+Sodachu> GUP yukari best <GoingUP> I don't play yukari :/ <+Sodachu> you troll good <+Sodachu> so good <GoingUP> I don't troll :/ <+Sodachu> DatJ.2A <GoingUP> I don't j.2a :/ <GoingUP> wait...
228 Remi Aug-11-2010 15:11:32 <+Sodachu> im watching how Bellreisa is analyzing a KFC sandwich
229 Aristocrat Aug-12-2010 12:30:29 [14:28] <+Blodwig> wtf I won, how does this work
231 Aristocrat Aug-13-2010 16:13:39 [18:13] <+Mutagene> so how do I make Sakuya's knives dicks
232 Remi Aug-18-2010 14:27:43 <%Gobolt> Sakuya practically limits by looking at you.
233 Aristocrat Aug-21-2010 09:42:46 <+Ayahuasca> think you're pretty good don't you nameless! * +nameless ( Quit (Quit: Leaving) <+Ayahuasca> I think I hurt his feelings
235 Isurugi Aug-23-2010 03:21:17 <deathcountdown5408> i dont wanna killing no moe <@Viita> Confirmed for K-On fan!
236 laitcl Aug-23-2010 17:15:52 [18:14] <Gamemad999> Adviceowl just makes it impossible to use bullets... All Meiling players should learn off advice...
237 Aristocrat Aug-24-2010 07:17:51 <Adviceowl> I imagine Remi as that girl in class that looks like she's permanently on her period and whenever you have to talk to her she just bitches at you...But deep inside, she under that hard Chocolate core she soft, and in the center is the soft nougat man this is making me hungry <Adviceowl> Going to the store
239 laitcl Aug-25-2010 16:49:22 <Dbl> !hostEU <Dbl> !host EU <Dbl> ? - - <@hisouten> Error.
241 Aristocrat Aug-31-2010 14:37:51 <Cappy> someone link me to the gay download <+psy_wombats> Pidgin <Cappy> DID YOU JUST TELL ME TO DOWNLOAD LINUX SHIT YOU FUCK <Cappy> ILL FUCKING KILL YOU * Cappy was kicked by Isurugi (please kill yourself first.)
243 Aristocrat Sep-04-2010 08:25:23 <Qwertipman> make them Seasonal <Qwertipman> Every four months gives plenty of time <Qwertipman> Seasons are roughly 4 months long
244 Isurugi Sep-04-2010 11:14:37 <+Sitha> Why so SWRS
247 beatsstayflowin Oct-06-2010 22:05:24 <beats> <Bane> Komachi tyme <Bane> Let's see if I can last 30 seconds <---- :3 <InfuriatingPlaystyle> ME thinks he'll last 25
251 Gamemad Oct-16-2010 18:07:38 <Boo-Ghost> Oddness is mad and gamemad is odd
252 Satorin Oct-17-2010 03:52:40 <Kuraperunat> you are playing like a angry homing missile
253 Sodeki Oct-26-2010 12:41:04 [20:40] <+Stefani> being low on hp turns me on
254 Aristocrat Oct-26-2010 17:44:17 <+Shy> ( '<' ) Shynanigans are horrible things
256 Hakurei_Reimu Oct-30-2010 20:11:21 [20:12:03] <Cappy> Never block on wakeup youll just end up in an infinite block string [20:12:04] <Kha0s> okay. ty for the advice.
257 laitcl Oct-31-2010 22:39:46 <+DNKanann> who the fuck is into mantits? o_O <@beatsstayflowin> women, clearly <@beatsstayflowin> if men like womantits, then by transitive property, women like mantits
258 Redon Nov-01-2010 02:11:34 <+Redon> [02:38] * You were kicked from #hisouten by hisouten (SPOILERS DUDE I HAVENT FINISHED THE BIBLE YET (Hakurei_Reimu))
261 Aristocrat Nov-02-2010 14:29:36 <+Clad> lag is not a problem <+Clad> it's a feature
262 Gamemad Nov-05-2010 11:04:16 <Gabi|IRC> people with N/A means they suck ball <+Gamemad> !Rank Gabi <@hisouten> Gabi's Ranking: N/A
264 laitcl Nov-05-2010 23:58:35 <@beatsstayflowin> I'm working out by jumping over a pillow... this shit is fucking intense
265 Remi Nov-13-2010 06:07:54 <+ChefMKT> Play soku on a DDR mat
267 Sodeki Nov-14-2010 07:27:05 [15:26] <GoingUP> you were all angry and sexy and hot
268 Redon Nov-17-2010 18:21:42 [19:50] <mUO4AnE2lY> Too heavy. [20:21] <Redon> Tripcode speaks, the world ends, news at 11
270 Gamemad Nov-21-2010 15:09:51 [22:07] <Quotes> [Quote] Added quote #269 by Aristocrat [22:08] <@Hakurei_Reimu> !quote del 269
271 Oddness Nov-24-2010 15:40:50 <GoingUP> I wish I was P1P
275 megamanac Dec-03-2010 18:22:16 *** Shy quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.0.19/2010031422]) <Aqo>: Oh hi Shy <Sitha>: That's a quit message my dear Aqo <Aqo>: That's... true.
277 laitcl Dec-06-2010 21:41:18 <+_dango> blazing star is unblockable <+Sitha> Unless you press back
278 laitcl Dec-08-2010 12:51:54 <+Aqo> ok what about patchouli <+ChickyChan> amnesia <+Aqo> don't you mean anemia?
280 Oddness Jan-06-2011 08:44:04 +Oddness> #DNKanannneedsaslap * Aqo flashes out his large trout